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Advertise your business on the world’s most powerful, crowd-sourced navigation app.

  • Track your ads in real time.

  • A solution for almost any budget.

  • 20% avg. navigation increase (Waze Study).

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Let us show you the different ways you can capture the attention of your potential customers while on their phones!


Pins alert drivers that your business is nearby, marking your location on the Waze map with important info like business address, hours, phone number, and deals.


Search Ads help you stand out on a crowded route, giving your business priority in the Search results of nearby Wazers.

Answers to Your Questions

Do businesses really see results from this?

Absolutely! You can literally see your ROI as new customers drive to your location! It increases navigations by 20% on average.

Is there a way for me to track my ROI?

Indeed! We show you how your WAZE ad is performing based on how many times your ad is viewed, clicked on and also those who chose to drive to your location!

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